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A+ Financial Center, LLC
a Florida limited liability company, also doing business as Accelerated Financial Centers, LLC

Accelerated Accounting Services, LLC
a Florida limited liability company

Christopher L. Miano
individually and as the managing member of Accelerated Accounting Services LLC

Dana M. Miano
individually and as the managing member of A+ Financial Center, LLC


The U.S. District Court has entered an order dissolving the receivership and concluding the case. There will be no further disbursement made or communications sent or received by the Receiver. A copy of the Courtís Order entered on January 14, 2016 is available here


Trustee Services, Inc ("TSI") maintains this website at the direction of the Receiver for the public's convenience. While TSI makes every attempt to assure the accuracy of the information contained herein, the website is not the official site of the Court and does not maintain the complete and official record of the Court. All documents filed with the Court are available for inspection at the U.S. District Court, Southern District of Florida
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